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WP Prospector!

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WP Prospector estimates what you can make from every Wordpress site you visit.
Wordpress & Business Intelligence in a Single Click.

WP Prospector ->

    Lite Features Reveal

  1. The Theme
  2. The Plugins
  3. The Site Links
  4. The Alexa rank
  5. Potential earnings from
    each Wordpress site you visit

    Pro Features Include

  6. Other sites on the server (perfect lead gen)
  7. The IP & DNS info
  8. The whois info
  9. The Adwords and Analytics info
  10. Potential earnings breakdown showing
    what each site needs

    It's The Best $5 You Can Invest In Your Business

Easy To Use

When you visit a Wordpress site the WP Prospector icon will become active.
Click it to start a diagnostic and watch the analysis and data fly in.


This amazing extension can deliver
all this to you in seconds.

Imagine having a never ending supply of Wordpress clients at your fingertips!

Knowing the other sites on the server helps you find new clients! Many of these will be running Wordpress so finding just one Wordpress site means you could find hundreds!


You are a person/company who provides Wordpress and SEO services and you charge $700 for SEO. When surfing the web WP Prospector lights up and performs a diagnostic on the site to reveal it needs SEO. It also reveals 100 other domains on the server. When you visit them you notice 50% are running Wordpress and 30 of them need SEO.

By locating just one Wordpress site you have managed to find 30 more that need your services. If 10 employ you then you have just earned $7000. Not bad for a quick WP Prospector diagnostic.

Stop wasting time guessing who needs your services! Find out for sure.

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A WP Prospector diagnostic report is conveniently laid out to give you maximum overview of the site.



Once you click it the interface appears and populates with the diagnostic data.

Have a look then email the data to yourself if you want a record. The email arrives in HTML format ready for printing, storing or forwarding on. The plugin and site links are ready to access at any time.

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Earnings Calculator:
This feature analyzes the page and returns a list of items that would benefit the business. For example if they aren't setup for phones or tablets this is displayed, along with what you might charge to install a mobile plugin for them. At the moment the prices are simply suggestions based on market rates however the ability to enter your own prices is coming.

WP Prospector gathers data from different sources and 90% of sites return valuable information. Some domains obfuscate their details and some sites obfuscate their code so different panels may appear blank if the information isn't available.


For any bug reports there's a support link right there in the extension. Bugs and fixes will be listed here.

One bug we are in the process of working on is the site links. Sometimes these may appear malformed in the email. A fix is in progress.

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SUPPORT: We're here to help

We provide 24/7 email support and most times you can expect a response within an hour or two. Feel free to contact us about any issues with the extension, server or anything else you found to be a problem.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome too.

Our aim is provide you with a powerful and productive extension that adds value to your business and we'll do everything we can to meet that objective.


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