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With the 1.0.3 update clicking the extension will open this information
above instead of in the extension dialog window.

Instant WP Diagnosis

In just seconds you'll find all about the Wordpress site you are visiting.


Quick Service Overview

Each diagnosis reveals what the site is missing and calculates the job margins.


Rate Calculator

Enter what you charge to setup Wordpress services and let WP Prospector do the rest.


Top Level Insights

See who's in charge of the domain and what other sites are running on the server. Many of these will be Wordpress.


Explore The Gems

All sites on the server are linked and one Wordpress site could reveal 80 others on the server.


Inbox Reporting

For absolute ease you can email all the site details to yourself or your team.


Repeat Income

Many Wordpress services are best delivered on a monthly basis. Ideal for reoccurring income.


Fast Track Progress

There is no quicker way to find Wordpress clients!

It's as simple as that.


Happy Customers

Site owners desperately need Wordpress service providers to help them improve business.

Quick Start

Visit Google and enter a niche, location and add "/wp-content/"
EG: Pizza in New York /wp-content/

Visit a site and if the WP Prospector icon lights up, click it to start a diagnostic report.

Business & Domain Information
Advertising & Analytics Insights
Find other (Wordpress) sites on the server
Fast Track Email Support
Instant profit analysis
Enter your rates for custom calculation
List of plugins the site uses
What theme the site uses
Alexa rank to evaluate SEO
List of links (sitemap)
Email the data to any address
24/7 Email Support

When you're a Wordpress Pro you know what companys need to be competitive.

WP Prospector provides an instant site diagnostic that makes your job even easier! You'll identify exactly who to target and know what to offer.

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